Registration Info

Registration for Knoxville Youth Rugby

Thank you for your interest in playing for Knoxville Youth Rugby.

The steps below will ensure each player is registered with USA Rugby, the Tennessee Rugby Association, is covered by USA Rugby insurance, has an up to date physical, and is registered with Knoxville Youth Rugby.

Each player will need to complete these steps to be allowed to fully participate in practice, games, and tournaments this season. Due to liability and state/national registration regulations, any player who does not complete the steps below will not be allowed to fully participate in team activities

  1. Register with Knoxville Youth Rugby. Please use the link provided to access registration for Knoxville Youth Rugby. This is will ensure you are added to our roster and are current with the Tennessee Rugby Association. Registration Link
  2. USA Rugby Registration: Please use the link below to complete registration with USA Rugby. This is the national governing body for rugby in the United States of America and is an important step to playing with KYR. Below is a document to help guide you as you navigate the registration site. Link to USA RUGBY registration :

3. Knoxville Youth Rugby Disclosures and Agreements Form. The KYR Disclosures and Agreements form outlines the expectations for players, coaches, and staff members with KYR and all liability and agreements outlined in the form. This includes the code of conduct, social media/photo release information, and liability waiver. In addition to our commitment to developing players on the field, KYR is committed to developing the whole person in areas such as dedication, humility, respect, and responsibility. Please download, complete, and return (either via email or in person) the KYR Disclosures and Agreements form.

4. Sports Physical: Each player must have a current sport physical in order to participate in KYR activities. Please download, complete, and return the Sports Physical (either via email or in person).

Thank you for taking the time to complete these registration steps. We are excited for your participation in the upcoming season and are committed to the safety and growth of all players in the Knoxville Youth Rugby program.

For questions concerning Middle School and High School tackle rugby please email Knoxville Youth Rugby.


For questions concerning K-8th grade flag/non-contact rugby please email SMAC Rookie Rugby.